Php image gallery from folder

Ifext'jpg' ext 'png' ext 'gif'. PHP Javascript Based Auto Populated Image Gallery This script auto populates thumbs and navigation, Its a good slide show. Feel free to use them for your personal or commercial projects.

PHP image gallery from given folders.

Where I first get a list of links to the folders, then when I click, open in the same page but showing the images inside. You can also show the album name that is fetched along with the directoryPathimageFileName below the image. Crying Baby Images And Wallpaper.
Php image gallery from folder
How can I apply this filter to an image. This post is called cartoon yam image. Paginates the results automatically.
Php image gallery from folder — 2
Or you can use this script to automatically enter image records in database. But my idea is being able to generate something similar to an image gallery. The PHP snippet below can be used to achieve the same. Here's another one using PHP glob. Album names are same as album folders.