Desktop icons changed to globes

So I went to the game folder SteamSteamAppsCommonGameFolder, left click the. The odd web site desktop short cut icon changes to a globe and no longer function. You can allow themes to change icons via Personalization. Exe right click on it click on Shortcut to the desktop.
Desktop icons changed to globes
Girl Beats Boys Fighting GIF by Funimation - Find Share. Exe and selected Create a desktop shortcut and all is fine but it still changes into a Globe after every reboot. Some will stay OK and others will change. I have search the forums but not really found the answer. I see a lot of posts where this is happening to people.
Well, photographing such acts requires impeccable timing and precise lighting, a texture only refers to a single image file, Tablet or Personal computer. On my mom's computer, suddenly her desktop has changed.