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The chrome is abrasion resistant, and slightly bluish in color. In this plating application, the thin chromium layer protects the nickel from oxidation and tarnish while providing the bright bluish tint we all recognize as bright decorative chrome. Additional capabilities include highly selective masking individual fixturing prior to plating salvage general blueprint work on new old parts. The Finishing Company offers high quality decorative chrome plating, also known as bright nickel electroplating.
All DiskStation users to have their own Personal Photo Station. Photos on the Mac has smart albums that you already use. Both our hexavalent chrome plating and our trivalent chrome plating will result in a durable and attractive decorative chrome plated finish. We provide Nickel Chrome Plating Services in a reasonable range. Our factory also supports customized service with good price.
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Chrome is always applied by electroplating, it is never melted onto parts in the fashion of chocolate on strawberries, sprayed on like paint, or applied in any other way than by electroplating. Zycon offers a comprehensive listing of leading companies providing decorative chrome plating. Besides, from millinery to corsetry and soft furnishings.