Header image clickable css

This is helpful when you want the user to be able to click the image to take them to another Web page. You can see the result above, the area around the name in the image is a link back to the home page. For example, Clickable Thesis Header Image. In the header you have placed a background image with a big company logo and some nice artwork next to it, with some dynamic content on top of the bottom right corner of the background image.

Here is the basic layout of the code.

Basically, they were wrapping the element around the. I just need it clickable going to home and I only know that in html.

The paintings depictions are more symbolic than realistic, header image clickable css.

Header image clickable css — 2
Texas Lottery logos, free logos, texas lottery, Official color logo for the Texas Lottery This site uses cookies. Making a image a clickable header link is very simple. This tutorial teaches you how to change the icon of a Google maps marker. Making a custom header image responsive and clickable. On this page i would very much like to be able to activate the gallery by clicking the featured image.